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Die größte Sünde:
Menschen bestimmen selber, was gut oder böse ist - und umgehen Gottes Gebot.

Statt an Gottes ewige Gebote halten sie sich scheinheilig an ihr eigenes (nicht gebildetes) Gewissen.

Im Evangelium steht nicht: Lebe nach deinem Gewissen und du wirst gerettet,
sondern: Halte die Gebote! Jesus in Joh 14,21: Wer meine Gebote hat und sie hält, der ist es, der mich liebt.

      Greatest Sin of our Time

When I was born (Richard Salbato) in the late 1930s the Church over stressed the fear of God and the presence of Hell. The fact that God is Love and He has a Hell, mentioned 1388 times in the bible, is hard for humans to comprehend. To solve this problem Christ and His Mother appeared over the past 70 years as the Sacred Heart, the Immaculate Heart, Divine Mercy, Mary as the dispenser of Grace in the Miraculous Medal, and the Immaculate Conception. 

Even though there is a Hell, God added great helps of grace that made it easier for us to avoid it through the messages of these apparitions: the rosary, the Miraculous Medal, the Scapular, Miraculous Paintings and promises (and threats) of help in bad times.

What Angers God?

People do go to Hell, why? What angers God? Almost every book of the bible gives the answer to that question. Lucifer (Satan) talked Adam and Eve into the greatest of all sins. They did not know the reptile was Satan. What did they do so bad? They wanted to decide what was good or evil instead of God.

The punishment by God over changing His law was massive, so massive He closed Heaven to all humans. Then came Cane and Able and the punishment of Cane included all his descendents for all time. When the world was mostly disobeying his laws He destroyed it with a world-wide flood. When the children of Sem wanted to bypass God and build a tower to reach heaven God punished the entire world by confusing there languages. When the people of Sodom and Gomorra violated His laws of morality He destroyed them with fire from the sky so that all perished even all the buildings. When Moses was on Mount Sinai the people worshiped false gods and God destroyed all of them.

I need not go on because every chapter of the nations of Judah show the anger of God over His laws and when we want to make up our own laws to replace His.

Christ was often angry at the leaders of the Jews because they changed the laws of God and replaced them with their Traditions, called the Talmuds, drastic misinterpretations of the Torah.

Christ was angered at those who pretend to be religious but do not keep His commandments, “Not all those who say ‘Lord, Lord’ will enter the Kingdom of Heaven but he that does the will of My Father. When they come to Me and say ‘Hear I am Lord’ I will say to them ‘I do not know you, be gone to the pits of Hell.”

Christ said, ‘He therefore that shall break one of the least of these commandments and teach others to do the same shall be called least.”

When the man asked Christ, ‘What shall I do to enter the Kingdom of Heaven’.

Christ answered, ‘Keep the commandments.’

When God told Satan that He would but enmity between him and the woman and her children and his we find this explained in Revelations 12, where the description of Mary’s life and creation ends with ‘We are Her children who keep the commandments of Her Son.

What then is the Greatest Sin of Our Time? 

Before explaining what the Greatest Sin of our time is, let me prove that it also comes from the serpent, Lucifer. In 1930 two people wrote plans to destroy America from within and turn it into a communist nation. Lest you have no problem with communism it killed 1,500,000.000 of its own people in 60 years and every nation that adopted it failed financially, where everyone became poor. These two people were Antonio Gramsy and Saul Alinski. Salinski, a friend and teacher of Obama, wrote RULES FOR RADICALS, TOWARDS A SOVIET AMERICA.

In this book he outlined how to take over schools, the news media, the government, and even the history books. He planed to little by little to infiltrate the Churches and degrade the constitution of the USA. His teachers were George Bernard Shaw, Bernard Russell and John Dewy.

Most important is that he dedicated his book to Lucifer, the first radical.

Morality was Alinski’ greatest enemy and to overcome this he had to get moral teaching out of the schools, Churches and even government laws.

His idea was to replace moral laws with Lucifer laws of tolerance, non-judgmentalism, and acceptance of all point of views.

He even wanted laws against speaking out against any kind of sin.  These people infiltrated the schools and churches and led the progressive movement in politics. Progressives believe that the constitution is old fashioned and needs to be re-interpreted to fit the modern world. This plan was so successful that it produced the greatest sin of our age,

‘That our conscience is the God of good or evil.’

The Greatest Sin – Our Conscience is the God of good and evil. 

This idea that our own conscience decides what is good and evil will put more people into Hell than any other sin. If we think we are not sinning we will not seek the forgiveness of God.

If we do not ask for forgiveness God cannot forgive us.

One result of Alinski’ teaching was the book. I’M OK, YOU’RE OK.  In other words accept everyone as they are and do not try to change them or criticize them no matter what they believe or do. God commands us to judge between good people and bad people but Satan wants us to accept all as equal. God destroys nations that accept homosexuals and pedophiles and Satan wants us to believe they are born that way. God wants us to give to the poor, and Satan wants us to believe if we force others to give to the poor, we are free of that law.

At the moment of death these people will say my conscience is clean and Christ will say, I do not know you, my people keep my commandments.

      Richard Salbato, 2012

Nicht Gott, sondern unser "Gewissen" bestimmt, was gut oder böse ist. Wir entthronen Gott.

Gott gab am Sinai bestimmte Gebote und bei der Taufe Jesu hören wir vom Himmel die Stimme: "Auf ihn sollt ihr hören"!
Wer Jesus liebt, hält Jesu Gebote, er hält nicht nur etwas, was ihm gerade einleuchtet, sondern das was Gott will.

Joh 14,21: Wer meine Gebote hat und sie hält, der ist es, der mich liebt; wer mich aber liebt, wird von meinem Vater geliebt werden und auch ich werde ihn lieben und mich ihm offenbaren.

Im Evangelium steht nicht: Lebe nach deinem Gewissen und du wirst gerettet, sondern halte die Gebote!
Bischof Athanasius Schneider "Christus VINCIT: Der Triumph Christi über die Finsternis dieser Zeit".  464 Seiten,  2020,  ISBN-13: 978-3863572693



Satan, Esoterik